I’m Blessing Usoro

information security expert

speaker, mentor

About Blessing

Blessing Usoro is an Information Security Manager ,with experience developing and managing security solutions for large-scale enterprises across a range of industries. Her background in telecommunications, security operations and risk management, as well as her unique perspective as a woman in cybersecurity, inform her measured approach.

She’s passionate about diversity and inclusion, balancing the genders in the industry, and leads Cyber Women Ireland, as well as Cyber For Schoolgirls.

Proud co-founding member of


Speaker Appearances

  • 2021, IRISSCON
  • 2021, Going Far Cohort 2 Opening – Going Far
  • 2021, Women Empowerment Project – USAID for Cybersecurity in Ukraine.
  • 2020, National Security Summit Ireland – Slándáil 2020


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